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All of us find that we have a problem of having to travel and find ourselves in the midst of a plan to achieve weight loss, increase in muscle mass, preparing for a competition or simply because we like to eat properly to be healthy.

We should always be taking care of our diet but sometimes neglect ourselves. Despite the discomfort all it´s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While travelling there is no excuse that the train or plane haven´t got a microwave and for reasons of a timetable. You should provide for these situations in advance and anticipate potential problems that may happen. So the best option is to take the food prepared.

Whether you´re travelling by car or by train, you have to take the “classic tupper” to store your food and keep it in the best conditions. That is why it´s convenient to also take into account the best choice of food, that is to say, it´s better that it stays cold for the longest time possible as chicken breast, rice or salad without dressings.

When we travel  by plane we have to keep in mind that the metal objects; aren´t allowed through the security airport control so take plastic cutlery very useful . There are some airports where inside you can find places where there are microwave, so it´s not a problem. If the trips is long distance, to try to space out the meals as much as possible, four hours approximately  to avoid having to carry too much food with you and it will be more practical.

viajar_BFN food_London_BFN

So if your trip is only a day or more, taking prepared food is the best choice to keep it your diet plan. If you are travelling (2,3 or several days, even weeks) the best choice until you reach your destination and you can make purchase (if you are in an apartament or a house) or buy your food made (if in a hotel).

When I arrive  at hotel, the firts thing I do before unpacking, is to empty the mini bar and put the tuppers in the fridge so that the food isn´t damaged. In terms of the tuppers, I wash them in the bathroom of the hotel and so I can fill them again with more healthy  food to take with me wherever I go. When I have the option of choosing an apartment, everything is much more practical for cooking and washing-up in the kitchen.

As for having to eat on route  when we are travelling the variety that we  can find in restaurants or bars is varied and of course also depends on where you are travelling.

Here in Spain, England or USA, it is easier  than Indonesia. But in general the variety is much more extensive; a salad, rice, pasta, chicken, veal or fish baked or grilled, fruit and herbal teas are the most suitable alternatives within the practical keep fit and to have a good feeling of well-being and not to neglect the your physical during your vacation.

The most import, is weighing but you should also take care of stress levels, that is when travelling. The most suitable food isn´t always available, depending on where we are, so always choose the best possible option.

hotel_BFN image

P.S: If you travel and you have to train don´t forget to find a gym that meets your needs  and the most importantly: Enjoy your journey!!

Lars Fernández. #TeamBefitnow




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